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    I love February.  It’s one of only two months in the year when the Council Tax doesn’t have to be paid meaning there’s a little money spare to treat myself (to all those things I denied myself in the run up to Christmas when every spare penny was spent on the kids!) And treat myself is just what I did today!

    I’d already bought an Emma Bridgewater tin during the week to keep all my pastry cutters in and today I went and bought tea, coffee and sugar containers to match, (because it’s less extravagant if you don’t buy it all on the same day, eh ladies?)

    I passed up on a beautiful Gisela Graham tea towel though, (not least of all because the last time I bought a really posh tea towel I found my husband cleaning his cab with it) but tomorrow is another day…


    BK - Emma Bridgewater

    BK – Emma Bridgewater

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