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    The popularity of the kitchen-diner shows no signs of slowing down, as people decide to do away with a separate dining room and incorporate it into their kitchens for a more informal atmosphere. Here are some of my favourite kitchen-diner designs…

    Short on space? Fear not! If you use your space wisely, there’s no reason why you can’t include a dining area in your kitchen. In this kitchen you can see a dining table on casters, so it can be easily and quickly wheeled out of the way if you need the extra space, while the chairs can be folded away when not in use. Or, instead of casters, why not invest in a drop-leaf table to save space?

    BK – small kitchen-diner

    If you are blessed with a large kitchen then you’re only limited to your imagination (and budget!). This large walnut dining table from Lamberty is the focal point of the room and has been paired with quirky round chairs for a retro feel.

    BK – walnut dining table with retro-style chairs

    Great for families, the “working area” of the kitchen is separated by an island unit, with the dining table on the other side.

    BK – family kitchen-diner

    Finally, if a breakfast bar is more your thing, think about incorporating rustic elements with modern touches for a unique dining area. Fold-away breakfast bars are available for those who are short on space. Emily

    BK – wonderfully unique breakfast bar

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