• Affordable Beko fridge freezer

    by  • October 7, 2010 • Kitchen Products • 0 Comments

    Let’s be honest, most of us would love a huge American-style fridge freezer in our kitchen. However, the issue of budget is often a major stumbling block and the dream remains just that – a dream.

    Enter Beko and its new side-by-side, four door fridge freezer. It’s so spacious you could swing a cat inside (but it’s not advisable!) and looks a lot more expensive than its £1,199 price tag would have you believe. I hate to bring it up, but Christmas is coming and if you’ve got the whole family over for Christmas lunch, it’s the perfect excuse to invest in a new fridge freezer. Imagine never having to precariously balance or cram things into the fridge ever again… Emily


    Beko GNE114610X fridge freezer

    Just look how much space there is!

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