• ‘Spring green’ your home

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    Spring cleaning may be a yearly ritual but have you thought about Spring ‘greening’ – making small changes that not only save money but help the environment too?

    Here are my favourites, as suggested by VPhase, which makes voltage optimisation devices that save energy.

    1, Dry your clothes outside

    Give your tumble dryer a rest and you could save an average of £15 a year on your electricity bills. If everyone in the UK dried their clothes outside, it would collectively save around £180 million a year.

    2, Defrost your freezer

    An icy freezer has to work harder, so regularly defrosting makes it as efficient as possible.

    3, Check your thermostat

    Check that your hot water thermostat is no higher than 60°C. Any higher means it requires cold water to cool it down. Remember – heating and hot water accounts for around 60% of an average fuel bill.

    Dry your washing outside this summer and save! Hills washing line from Eco Washing Lines

    Statistics from Energysavingtrust.org.uk.


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