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    What can you use a boiling water tap for?

    Often, they’re used for making tea and coffee but also, they’re extremely handy for cooking. And not just for pasta.

    Last night, I visited the Waitrose Cookery School in north London to see Zip’s hot and filtered taps put through their paces, being used to make everything from tabouleh to poached fish and a bain marie for creamy strawberry puddings or creme brulees.

    Creme brulee

    If you’re lucky enough to have a boiling water tap, here are a few more ideas of things you can make or do with the instant hot water:

    1. Blanching fruit and vegetables

    2. Boiling eggs

    3. Making jelly

    4. Sterilising bottles and pots

    5. Warming plates

    Can you think of any more? Leave us a comment below if you can…


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