• New: Lighting app for your phone

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    Did you know that we spend 85% of our lives inside?

    However, we rarely think about what impact our homes and workplaces have on us. If you managed to watch The Secret Life of Buildings recently, you’ll know that a lack of light can even affect your health.

    We all want a light, bright kitchen but how can you tell how lit the room really is? Guess what? There’s an app for that. Even better, it’s free.

    The Megaman LuxMeter uses the camera on your phone to measure the brightness of any space, telling you in ‘lux’ how lit the room is.

    How bright is your kitchen? The app in progress

    As a rough guide, an overcast day is about 1,000 lux, whereas office lighting comes in at about 320 – 500 lux.

    The app doesn’t stop there, however, as it also gives you tips and recommendations for the ideal lighting solution. There’s even an energy saving function to help identify where you could be saving by fitting alternative bulbs or LEDs. Considering that it’s Energy Saving Week, that’s pretty handy.

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