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    Today interiors writer Linda Parker is guest-blogging for Beautiful Kitchens about this smart microwave.

    “When you’ve been writing and about kitchens and interiors for as long as I have, it’s not that often that a gadget comes along that really impresses… but I’m pleased to report that the Limited Edition MAX Microwave with Steam & Crisp technology from Whirlpool is the best multifunction microwave I’ve had the pleasure to try.

    Whirlpool MAX microwave

    Apart from performing brilliantly, it looks really good, and has a curved back that means it can slot into the corner of the worktop (why didn’t anyone think of that before?). Consequently, you get a bit more space in front of it for loading/unloading and serving.

    The microwave in action in my kitchen

    I’ve always been of the opinion that a good gadget must be very easy to use, and if you need to keep getting the instruction booklet out then it’s a bit of a disaster. This has a handy instruction card rather than an endless booklet, so if you do need a quick reference when trying out a new function it’s easy to keep it to hand.

    This microwave has simple touch controls and the Sixth-Sense dial makes it easy to adjust times and weights.

    The Max’s handy control dial

    It does all the usual things you’d expect from a microwave/grill, but it does them better, easier, and quicker. It has a steam function too, which I use all the time (having inadvertently thrown away a crucial part of my old three-tiered steamer!).

    The steamer basket/lid/base is a nice, sturdy quality, and the microwave also comes with a crisping plate and clip-on handle and a food rack.

    The other elements that I love about this are the light and sound features – blue for defrosting, green for steaming, red for cooking, and the assorted beeps and notes that sound when a process is finished.

    A green light shows it’s in steam mode

    It costs around £200 and is well worth splashing out on.”


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