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    DIY used to be the preserve of power tool zealots who relished spending a weekend putting up shelves and rewiring lighting. Or so I’ve heard.

    However, come the recession and suddenly, doing it yourself has become trendy, whether it’s baking homemade biscuits (check out this cookie stamp), stitching cushion covers or fitting your own kitchen.

    While this last one might conjure up images of flatpack furniture and always being one screw short, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Plain English‘s recently launched British Standard kitchen is still DIY – in that you measure your space yourself, order the cabinets online, collect, fit and paint them – but the handmade furniture is the same quality.

    Take a look…

    British Standard kitchen with wooden worktops

    Gorgeous painted cabinets

    The only difference is the price – snap up a British Standard scheme for a starting price of just £5,000 or around £7,000 for an average-sized kitchen. A snip compared to the average price tag of £50,000- £60,000 that a Plain English design could cost.

    No frills but plenty of character. DIY never looked so appealing.

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