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    With the rise of open-plan living comes the need to conceal – kitchen appliances behind tambour doors, knife blocks tucked into drawers… but what to do with the TV?

    Most hang as featureless black slabs on walls when they’re not on and seeing as increasing numbers of kitchen-diners have one, the question about where to put it becomes more pertinent.

    I particularly like this solution, which uses Parapan in Cream White – a sleek hi-gloss acrylic material often seen in kitchens as worktops, doors and splashbacks.

    TV meets fishtank… from £6,806

    Designed by David Free of Picture House Cabinets, it houses a 52in screen, which lifts up when required, sliding back down when not in use, It’s also available in bespoke sizes and 22 different colours if you’d like it to match your kitchen cabinetry.

    Would you have it in your home? Leave us a comment below.

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