• Kitchen essentials for a flippin’ good Pancake Day

    by  • February 9, 2016 • Other

    It’s your last chance to over indulge in all those sugary delights sitting in the pantry, so make it a good one – you won’t want those tempting teasers there tomorrow when Lent begins!

    I’m talking Nutella and caramel infused towers, blueberry ice cream gluing purple pancakes together and more sprinkles than IHOP can handle. Here are all the essentials you need to throw a pancake party like your kitchen has never seen before…


    A large hob station


    There’s plenty of room to flip and flick till your heart’s content at this epic cooking station. Get multiple indulgent recipes on the go with a ginormous hob like this one and you needn’t worry about sticky syrup on these high gloss surfaces.

    Gather round a table


    I like to serve the pancake banquet at a large table like this Frame Dining Table from Clippings. It’s  one last scoffing fiesta with with all my friends and family around an array of naughty treats before the Easter fast begins.

    Flip like a professional


    You can’t use just any old frying pan; you need a specialist pancake pan if you want to make paper-thin crepes that are deliciously light and crispy. Plus, you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.

    A bar to serve your delights


    Serve up hot French crepes or doughy American delights straight from the hob whilst blueberries are still bursting from their skins and the crepes still hiss with the drizzling of cold lemon juice. Now that’s service!

    Dish up fillings on a side table


    Nutella is to pancakes what bread is to butter: inseparable and totally delectable. Be sure to serve up a wide range of gooey fillings on a handy side table like the Don’t Leave Me Side Table to make more room for pancakes on the dining table.