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    Fall in love with dark kitchen cabinets

    by  • January 27, 2016 • Kitchen Ideas

    Although I love white gloss kitchens (they’re so practical) I’m very excited to see that dark kitchens that are going to be big for 2016! Painting your kitchen cabinets in a moody hue is an ideal way to create a cosy feel in a space that is often lacking in comfort. Plus it’s a great option for a quick and cost-effective kitchen update. A dramatic colour will make a bold statement, so make sure you pick your shade wisely. Here are a few of my favourite options…

    Moody blue

    Go for a blue hue, but make sure it’s got a deep, navy tone. This kitchen looks smart and sophisticated, whilst retaining a classic feel. The marble island unit creates a feeling of light and space and means the cabinetry doesn’t dominate too much.

    RT_011Slate grey

    A mid-toned grey is a great option. Dark enough to make a real style statement without feeling too heavy and oppressive. Here the walls and ceiling have been painted in the same tone, giving it a uniform look. Wooden furniture and neutral-coloured floor tiles add warmth.

    rt_005cookBack to black

    This strong cabinetry colour is dark, moody and oh-so trendy. The white walls add contrast and the chunky taps lend a contemporary feel.  The worktop is a similar colour to the cabinetry showing that sometimes two dark shades together can be complimentary.


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    2016 kitchen trends you need to know about

    by  • January 6, 2016 • Kitchen Ideas

    It’s barely 2016 but we imagine you’re already itching to start another project. New year, new home, right?

    Here are the top 5 trends that will transition your kitchen from 2015 into the sparkling New Year! Whether you’re revamping to keep busy and banish the January blues or looking for a few simple and inexpensive ways to update the kitchen, we have the answers…


    white-3It’s not that white ever went out of fashion; it’s just that it’s particularly in fashion right now. Sleek white countertops look good enough to eat off and sit above glossy cupboards and ivory splash back tiles. We hope you bought a selection of cleaning products to go with that new look…


    shelvesWe hope you intend to stick to that organisation resolution as another of this year’s hot kitchen trends is open shelving. The no-fuss, organic way of stacking crockery, vases and mugs together takes up far less space than chunky cupboards, but EVERYTHING is on show, remember.


    Bar-stoolsLong gone are the romantic notions of daily family dinnertime. With piano, dance and ice hockey practice all on the same night, active families are embracing the bar – a hotspot where all the cool kids hang out. They take up less room, they allow for on-the-go dining and they look pretty damn trendy.


    tech2015 may have been the year of the Spiralizer and the Nutribullet but this year’s hot appliances make last year’s look… well, oh so 2015. The new and improved kitchen will have fancy wine chillers with specially programmed temperatures and steam ovens that MUST float at eye level as the ground isn’t cool anymore.


    multifunctionYou may put your foot down at the thought of having an office space in your kitchen but most families are embracing the multifunction kitchen area. Sofa spaces, television stations and phone hubs allow the family to relax together in the kitchen whilst getting on with their own thing – may teenagers and parents unite at last!



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    New cabinetry from Rational

    by  • November 19, 2015 • Kitchen Ideas

    Casa-in-vino-new-for-2016-from-Rational-smaller We’re loving the warm, textural tones of Rational‘s new Casa in Vino kitchen.  This classic in-frame design has been given a cool and contemporary makeover courtesy of a deep copper laquered finish and a sprinkling of industrial accessories. Casa in Vino, part of Rational’s new Inner Values collection of finishes, colours and cabinetry interiors, will be available in the New Year. Kitchens start from £10,000.

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    Sweeping statement

    by  • October 29, 2015 • Kitchen Ideas


    We always like to hear about handy new gadgets that make life easier, and if you sweep your kitchen floor as often as I do, you’ll appreciate this genius idea. Poggenpohl’s innovative new plinth vacuum cleaner makes this backbreaking chore much easier – doing away the dustpan and brush. Simply raise the flap, sweep the dust and debris towards it and the strong suction will do the rest.


    Poggenpohl kitchens start from £30,000, and the plinth vacuum can also be retrofitted into existing Poggenpohl units.

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    Kitchen of the Week: sense of space

    by  • October 19, 2015 • Kitchen Ideas

    Lewis-Alderson-kitchen-Oct-15Far from making things more efficient, craming too many features into a kitchen can make it feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable to use. That was this situation the owners of this gorgeous kitchen found themselves in.

    The previous owners had shoe-horned in an island, but it was frustratingly narrow and didn’t add anything to the kitchen – it just got in the way.

    Thankfully, the couple knew who to call. They had worked with Lewis Alderson before and were sure the design team would be able to rework the space, and do it in style.

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    Concrete idea

    by  • October 16, 2015 • Kitchen Ideas


    Combining the industrial appeal of concrete with the practicality of porcelain, Munncrete is a quick and easy design solution that can be applied to almost any surface. Slip-resistant and waterproof, it’s especially suited to high-traffic areas such as kitchens. If grey isn’t your thing, you can have it tinted to any bespoke colour, from brilliant white to subtle neutrals and vivid tones. It costs £139.20sq m, with a minimum order of 20sq m.

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    Hot stone

    by  • October 15, 2015 • Kitchen Ideas

    Neil Lerner door

    Neil Lerner has unveiled a striking veneer door made from volcanic stone. Available in two new designer colourways: Gold Green and Black Star, the doors are created using thin layers of natural stone that are fused onto a flexible fibre glass backing then veneered to create a truly unique finish. Kitchens from £40,000.

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